The School Resources website has been set up to provide a fast and inexpensive route to teachers’ information needs.

Classroom Resources
School-Resources.co.uk provides an opportunity for teachers to share (donate, purchase or sell) classroom resources in an electronic form over the net. These cover the entire range of classroom and administration resources and can be anything from single sheets to entire books. Anyone may view the library of resources and inspect samples of the documents. Some documents are free but this is at each author’s discretion. You must register first to buy, sell, or download free items. This service is newly available and resources for submission are welcomed.
Jobs Online
All UK online teaching jobs can be accessed via the Staffroom.  Don’t fight over the TES every Friday, just log on!
Advertise your Resource Needs
Why re-invent the wheel? Advertise your requirements to see whether someone is able to provide them. Use the Resource Requests section in the Staffroom.
Links to Useful Educational Sites
An index of links, by subject, topic and age group, is available for your classroom use. This will enable you to direct your classes instantly to specific sites rather than waste time searching for and evaluating possible sites.
Links to Teaching Organisations and Affiliated Bodies
The Staffroom section contains links to Examination Boards, Teaching Unions, Government Agencies, and other useful sites. It also provides addresses and telephone numbers for reference.
Links to other Educational  Sites
Listings of government and other education sites like the ‘National Grid For Learning’ in the UK, and those of other countries, mean that you do not need to remember URLs or domain names, just find and click on them here for connection.
You will need to register as a member if you wish to publish resources to the library or to purchase them. Registration is free. It also entitles you to certain other services.
Design of Web site
Graphics have been kept to a minimum in this web site in order to reduce the time taken for pages to load. We are aware that schools do not necessarily have the fastest machines on the planet and of the constant pressures on time.